Cries of the Undead

Author: Jotaro

Your classic zombie story with a twist.
There really isn't a twist, it's a bunch of cliches and gore.

Haunted Hospital

Author: Area 51

Rumors and warnings did little to stop him as he was the Haunt Seeker, and had travelled world wide to many different haunted places. When he heard of the haunted hospital he immediately planned to go, however sometimes warnings are there for a reason.


Author: Light

(Blank) has been living with his parents and little brother underground for as long as he can remember. When the monsters came, most people were killed immediately but thanks to their quick thinking, his family managed to hide themselves in their basement. For years they listened to the creatures scratch the floor above their head, but when their food supply runs low, it's up to (Blank) to find more.

Hidden Whispers

Author: Nyx

A fog has rolled into town and (Blank), like everyone else, was extremely annoyed. Electronics weren't working and he had spent an hour that morning looking for his car. He wanted to leave town for a while, but entry and exit was prohibitted until the cause of the sudden fog could be identified. People whispered around him about the sounds, the voices they had heard in the fog.