Gods Almighty

Author: Boba Fett

Obliviate, a word meaning to forget. God and Goddesses live in constanst fear of obliviation, because even though they're immortal, once they're forgotten, they cease to exist.

City of Jinx

Author: Ni Hao Kai Lan

Magistrate Jinx created the impossible. A city of magic. He hoped that it would become a refuge from the Demons of Nyx, and he used the best barrier spells to hide it. 200 years later, long after Jinx passed away, the first of the barriers fell.


Author: Dio

|Start message| Here's the current situation, the god of time and space, Chronos, has died. The world is in turmoil and we need your help. A fragment of Chronos is now inside you, you are the key to saving the world. |End message|

Land of Snow

Author: Sans

For 500 years, the elders of the Land of Snow passed down stories of the monsters living in the Land of Water, however no one ever saw one. (Blank), like most people, believed the stories to be myths and fairytales, nothing to truly be scared about. Until people who lived near the ocean started to vanish.