The Time Traveller

Author: Aight, I'm Bouta Head Out

(Blank) only realized he could travel to time when he fell asleep in class and woke up to a Dinosaur trying to eat him. Now he travels to different eras changing history as he sees fit, for better or for worse.


Author: Doge

Finding yourself takes on a whole new meaning when (Blank) comes home to find his prized possession stolen. The culprit, a copy of himself. It's a long journey to finding oneself, especially when oneself doesn't want to be found.

The Faerie's Forest

Author: Donald Trump

It's the tale of a lifetime. A land of fantasy and adventure is in turmoil. The wicked Night has come and the only thing that can stop it, the Sword of Dawn is nowhere to be found. (Blank) will stake his life on finding that sword, to become the hero his world needs.


Author: Hexadecimal>RGB

The Gods have ruled the humans for an eternity. They tell us that there was never a time before their rule, but some people told stories, of a time when the Gods simply couldn't rule the humans. When humans, heroes, were free. Weapons were used to keep the Gods in check, weapons that were able to hurt them. Now only one remained, the unbreakable shield, Aegis.